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Those who stole from Nigeria hired miltants to fight us – Buhari

Those who stole from Nigeria hired miltants to fight us – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said those who stole Nigeria dry are angry with his government and so have recruited the services of militants in the Niger Delta to fight his government.

 President Buhari in a group photo with Nigerians professionals residing in the US. He said this while addressing a group of Nigerians professionals residing in the US.

He added “We got into trouble as a country, because we did not save for the rainy day. For example, between 1999 and 2015, when we produced an average of 2.1 million barrels of oil per day, and oil prices stood at an average of $100 per barrel, we did not save, neither did we develop infrastructure.

“Suddenly, when we came in 2015, oil prices fell to about 30 dollars per barrel. I asked; where are the savings? There were none.Where are the railways? The roads? Power? None.

I further asked; what did we do with billions of dollars that we made over the years? They said we bought food. Food with billions of dollars? I did not believe, and still do not believe. In most parts of Nigeria, we eat what we grow.”

Buhari noted People in the South eat tubers, those in the North eat grains, which they plant, and those constitute over 60 per cent of what we eat. So, where did the billions of dollars go?

We did a lot of damage to ourselves by not developing infrastructure when we had the money. Talking of our military, they earned respect serving in places like Burma, Zaire, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra-Leone, and then, suddenly, that same military could no longer secure 14 out of 774 local governments in the country.

Insurgents had seized them, calling them some sort of caliphate, and planting their flags there; till we came, and scattered them.

 We raised the morale of our military, changed the leadership, re-equipped and retrained them; USA, Britain, and some other countries helped us, and today, the pride of our military is restored”he said
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