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Terrible!!! Police Department Shamed After 30 Officers Had S*x with Busty Teenage Prostitute (Photo)

Terrible!!! Police Department Shamed After 30 Officers Had S*x with Busty Teenage Prostitute (Photo)

Celeste Guap had sex with as many as 30 police officers

A shameful s*x scandal has left a police department battered after it was revealed that more than 30 officers had s*x with a busty teenage prostitute.

More than 10 police officers have been disgraced and four sacked for having s*x with an underage prostitute. The announcement came on Wednesday after investigation indicted the officers in the shameful s*x scandal.

New York Daily News reports that the Oakland Police Department became the target of a scathing investigation after officials revealed that as many as 30 area cops at some point had s*x with now 19-year-old Celeste Guap.

Guap later admitted she had s*x with at least four officers before she turned 18 — sometimes in exchange for not getting arrested.

An embarrassed Oakland mayor announced the planned disciplinary actions at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

“I am deeply sorry for the harm this scandal has caused, particularly to community trust,” Mayor Libby Schaaf said.

Schaaf boasted of the “rigorous scope of the investigation,” which reviewed over 78,000 pages of social media postings and 28,000 text messages, according to a Wednesday statement.

Schaaf did not release the names of any of the officers but said the four who have been fired were found to have attempted sexual assault, engaged in lewd conduct in public and assisted in the crime of prostitution.

Seven other officers were suspended without pay for failing to report a violation of law and accessing law enforcement databases for personal gain.

Another officer was ordered to attend counseling and training classes after bringing disrepute to the police department.

Schaaf has previously blasted the department for perpetuating “a toxic macho culture.”

“I am here to run a police department, not a frat house,” she said at a June press conference, visibly frustrated.

The s*x scandal was exposed after an investigation into the suicide of an Oakland officer revealed his and other officers’ involvement with Guap, the daughter of a police dispatcher.

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