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Tuesday, July 19

Shocking! Young Man Caught on Camera Stealing a Laptop from an Office in Abuja (Video)

Shocking! Young Man Caught on Camera Stealing a Laptop from an Office in Abuja (Video)

A man has been caught on camera making his way into an office to steal a laptop and disappearing from sight.

A video has shown the moment a man was captured entering an ofice to steal a laptop.

According to one John Omalaolu who uploaded the video on Youtube yesterday, the man was caught stealing a laptop from an Abuja office on the 15th of July, 2016.

The man was seen entering a secured environment, taking the lift to the fifth floor to steal a loaded and resourceful laptop from a renowned engineering firm.

Below is how John described what happened:

"And this should serve as a warning to the general public in order to avert future occurrence of this kind. People now immediately familiarize with an environment via greetings and chatting, to establishing an atmosphere devoid of suspicion to operate in.

"My wife once lost her phone to same scheme; a man (the thief) followed a woman and her kid to my wife’s office for a medical test, while my wife was thinking the man was with the woman and her kid for buying the kid biscuit, and making funny remarks, the woman was also thinking the man was one of the staff in the office. It was too late when discovered the man belonged not to either of them. The phone was long gone!

"Please, when some persons come to your office, ensure if they are together or not, and when you see a strange face, ask questions.

"Be always vigilant of your immediate environment. No lose your guard."

 Watch the video below:

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