Tuesday, July 19

Donald Trump defends wife over plagiarism, blames Clinton

Donald Trump defends wife over plagiarism, blames Clinton


US Republican Party presidential nominee, Donald Trump has come out in defence of wife, Melania, over her speech that shared key phrases with a speech by Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic Party national convention.

The opening night speech at the Republican National Convention was heralded as a success Monday night – until critics pointed out multiple passages that appeared to be lifted nearly word-for-word from Michelle Obama's address to the Democratic National Convention eight years ago.

After the similarities were pointed out, the Trump campaign admitted that the aspiring first lady's talk 'included fragments that reflected her own thinking' but came from somewhere else.

Trump speaking through his campaign chairman furiously denied that any of the remarks were intentionally lifted from the now-first lady's speech – turning the focus instead on Hillary Clinton.

'There's no cribbing of Michelle Obama's speech,' Paul Manafort told CNN. 'These were common words and values that she cares about her family, and things like that.'

'I mean, she was speaking in front of 35 million people last night, she knew that. To think that she would be cribbing Michelle Obama's words is crazy. ... This is, once again, an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, how she seeks out to demean her and take her down. It's not going to work.'

The Trump campaign defends Melania further: ‘In writing her beautiful speech, Melania’s team of writers took notes on her life’s inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking.’

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