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Unbelievable! Father Beats His 17-year-old Son in Boxing Match as Punishment for Skipping School (Video)

 Father Beats His 17-year-old Son in Boxing Match as Punishment for Skipping School (Video)

A rather shocking video has shown a man applying very unconventional methods in punishing his son for his delinquent act.

The father who 'disciplined' his son for skipping class by punching him repeatedly in the face during a boxing match is facing criticism after a video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook.

The unnamed man, who is believed to be from America, decided to force his 17-year-old son to face him after hearing that he walked out of lessons without telling him.

A five-minute video showing the whole 'fight', which leaves the teenager bruised, covered in blood and sobbing, gained attention after being uploaded to several.

social media pages. It has already received nearly 1.5million views.

The clip starts with the father, who has not been named, sitting in front of the camera while he explains why he is about to confront his son.

He tells viewers: 'Hi Facebook world. So my son, 17 years old, decided he wants to go to school and cut up [mess around] like he don't want to have to come home and see me.
'So one day he walked out of the teacher's class and, granted, I know teacher's can be f****d up so I let him know he can walk out of class, but call me so I'm on your side.
'All day went by, he didn't call. So now, it's discipline time because he didn't do what I told him to do.'

He goes on to explain that he has chosen the specific form of punishment so it both disciplines the teenager and teaches him how to defend himself.

The father, who is wearing a white vest top, sports shorts and black gloves, then puts the camera down and shouts: 'Put them gloves on, let's go.'

He can then be seen helping his son put a pair of boxing gloves on in what appears to be a living room of a large house.

The son, who has also not been identified, can be seen covering his face as he nervously stands in the middle of the room.

His father than checks the camera before walking up to son and starting to punch him.

The boy does his best to cover his face with his gloved hands but his father repeatedly hits him while berating him about missing school and discussing the ways to punch someone. The teenager does not manage to return a punch.

Throughout the fight, the father continues to shout at him as he claims: 'You don't worry about this when you're cutting up, do you?' He also mocks his son, saying: 'That one hurt didn't it.'

The teenager can be heard gasping as his father states: 'You don't worry about blood. They don't see this at school do they.'

The fight ends when the man lets his son go and wash his face under a tap.

The father then returns to in front of the camera and states: 'That's how you discipline a teenager. Give them a chance to shoot back.

'Let him show he he feels. He feel like he want to cut up at school - he knows the consequences. He has to deal with me when he gets home. That's what it is - teenage discipline 101. And that wasn't even the first round.'

The final shots show the teenager clutching a tissue to his nose with his white T-shirt covered in blood.

His father tells him to say 'hi' to his friends and 'sorry' to his teacher, which he does, before the camera is finally turned off.

The video has received hundreds of thousands of comments, with many people criticizing the discipline technique.

Carol Kephart Bartha wrote on Facebook: 'It should have been kept private. Dad was just trying to show off at his sons expense. Ok Dad, you got your 15 minutes! He's kind of pathetic for this.'

Julie Gamiz added: 'He's using boxing as an excuse to hit on his kid. This wrong' (sic).

And Hector DeJesus simply said: 'This is a wrong way to discipline.'

Others, however, supported the move arguing it was a valid way to teach the teenager a lesson.

Jem Mtx Brown said: 'He gave him chance to swing back so he won't be doing that again.'

Another Facebook users known as Jid All U Need added: 'Every body has their on way of discipline, I bet his child won't cut up in school no more...' (sic).

And King Leo said: 'Everybody judging this man and don't even know that he taught his son a lesson... I guess you all don't have teenagers...'

Watch the video below:

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