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Murray Bruce slammed over Twitter comments

Murray Bruce slammed over Twitter comments

Sen. Ben Murray Bruce

Sen. Ben Murray Bruce, the "common sense" ambassador and representative of  Bayelsa East senatorial district, had on Thursday come under attack following a series of tweets he posted on this tweeter handle bothering on the current state of the economy.

Murray-Bruce wrote, “Our economy needs fixing before it is too late or the elite must turn their homes to prisons by building big walls protect us from the people.

“We in government must cut our coat according to our cloth. If we are not producing wealth for Nigeria we should not be consuming wealth from her!

” If we in government don’t want our houses to be prisons that lock us in, we better begin providing good governance and rein in our greed! “

Although some Nigerians agree with him on some of the things he said, some said since he was part of the Senate, they are not doing Nigeria any good.

A user @PaulBarde asked if the senate was fixing the economy by buying exotic cars.

He wrote, “Is the senate fixing the economy by buying exotic cars. Hmmm common sense!!”

Another user @tobititus1978 said, “Oga common sense, you always speak good things but fail to put your common sense in action in dealing with matters in the house.”

“If I may ask sir, what have you done on floor of the house in respect to this?. Because all we see are just your tweets only,” @hormorte tweeted.

@Callme_Ahmed in his tweet said, “The man is a lion on twitter and a cat in the Senate. indeed a shame.”

The lawmaker had said he would not accept any SUV from the Senate.

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