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Popular Doctor Exposed After Sending Female Patient a N*ked Film of Himself (Photo)

Popular Doctor Exposed After Sending Female Patient a N*ked Film of Himself (Photo)

Dr Simon Shields

A married doctor who has been having s*x with a patient for a longtime has been exposed after he sent a n*ked film of himself to the female patient.

A popular doctor has found himself in trouble after it was revealed that he sent a n*ked film of himself to a female patient. Dr Simon Shields, 47, sent the woman a n*ked selfie video from his hospital email account, a tribunal heard.

The consultant neurologist is said to have fired off a clip of himself lying “unclothed” in bed, alongside the message: “Will you be having an early night? I took a vid to help you... x.”

According to The Express, Dr Shields had been treating the woman – referred to as Patient A – since 2005 and they met for consultations at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital on 28 occasions, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told.

But, in February 2013, they met for s*x when Dr Shields found the woman’s email address, which he claimed was still in his inbox from correspondence five years earlier.

Their messages soon became flirtatious and “within days” Patient A, in her 30s, suggested they meet up outside the hospital.

They first had s*x on that occasion and had at least three further meetings until Dr Shields went on holiday with his family to the US.

The “improper relationship” first came to light that August when Dr Shields, from Norwich, was investigated on unrelated matters and his hospital email account was examined.

Later that same day he sent the woman the video of himself naked. Appearing at the tribunal in Manchester, he admitted the emails were of a sexual nature and sexually motivated.

The woman would visit the hospital once every three months for treatment for a condition related to excess sweating, it was said.

Dr Shields urged Patient A, who has not cooperated with the investigation, to visit another doctor when their relationship became sexual.

But she still attended the hospital for an appointment in May 2013, the tribunal was told. Giving evidence, he said: “It was wrong and I recognise that.

"I think I allowed myself to see this patient differently. [Patient A’s illness] wasn’t something I viewed as a neurological disease and I allowed myself to blur the boundaries.

“After an appointment in February 2013 we discussed we were both going on holiday to the US over the subsequent few months and I made the foolish decision to follow up that conversation by emailing her about it.

“It continued and very quickly developed inappropriately.”

Rachel Smith, for the GMC, asked if he knew there would be a sexual encounter. He said: “It was what I knew would be a likely outcome of going there to meet her and in that sense I went there with that intent. It was a catastrophic and foolish decision.”

Ms Smith said: “Dr Shields confirmed that one email had had an attachment to it which was a video of himself lying in bed unclothed.

"He said he had inadvertently used his work email account to send emails to Patient A but had intended to send them from his personal account.

“The GMC’s case is that the emails were proof of an improper relationship.” Dr Shields said he sent emails on his NHS account because his phone had “defaulted” to it.

He admits the relationship and sending sexually motivated emails but disputes some of the details. The hearing continues.

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