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14 Days is Over and El-Rufai is Not Dead - Nigerians Question Pastor's Prophesy

14 Days is Over and El-Rufai is Not Dead - Nigerians Question Pastor's Prophesy

Liberation City Church Overseer, Dr Chris Okafor

A popular man of God has come under heavy criticism after giving 14-day ultimatum to the governor of Kaduna state to revert the religious law or face the wrath of God. After the expiration of the ultimatum, Nigerians are asking what next?

A popular man of God who prophesied that the wrath of God will come against the Governor of Kaduna State, El-Rufai has been asked by many if he didn't see well. This is coming after the expiration of the 14-day ultimatum he issued for the wrath to come against him if he fails to revert the law.

At his Liberation City Church headquarters on Sunday, March 20, 2016, popular cleric who recently raised up a dead child through prayers, Dr Chris Okafor, had told Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, that he had about 14 more days to retract his impending Religious Bill or face the wrath of God.

In the video uploaded to the church’s YouTube channel, the prophet said: “El Rufai, Herod, leave the church alone! It will not be on record that it happened in my time. El Rufai take time! God is angry with you! You have 14 days to reverse that law or the wrath of God will come against you!

"You should count it, 14 days from today (March 20, 2016), he has 14 days to reverse and invalidate that law. If he refuses to do so, he should expect the wrath of God to visit him!” He also told journalists after the meeting that, “I prayed very well, and the Lord told me to go ahead and warn El Rufai.

"And I want you all to count 14 days from the day of the prophecy (March 20, 2016). If he does not retrace his steps and abandon that bill, God will take steps to honor His words. 14 days! Please count it"

The 14-day ultimatum has come and gone yet the governor is bubbling and has refused to reverse the law. Many are asking if the Prophet didn't hear or see well from God.

oluwa_bunmmy said: "All these so called pastors are attention seekers. God doesn't have their numberer. So.....he didn't flash them, let alone of calling them".

yqool@uj4luv12 added: "You people create excuse for this fake man of God. Anybody that call evil on another human for whatsoever reason isn't following Jesus (because Jesus even ask God to forgive those that Crucify him) and those cannot be called a Man of God."

sony___a said: "Shame on Christians who were saying "amen " The God I know won't kill El rufai for making laws to sanitize the state. Nothing stops you from relocating to another state if you hate the laws he made".

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