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Drama in Court as Neighbours Fight Dirty Over a Man

Drama in Court as Neighbours Fight Dirty Over a Man

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Two women have fought dirty in court after it was revealed that one was trying to seduce the other woman's husband for s*x.

Business was brought to a halt at the Mutare Civil Courts last Thursday as two women quarreled after it had been revealed in court that one of them had tried to seduce the other’s husband, The Monica Post reports.

It was gathered that fight erupted after Samuel Choga Newengo had dragged his neighbour, Jocelyn Musiyazviriyo to court praying for a protection order and claiming that she badmouthed his wife. He also claimed that Musiyazviriyo had threatened to shoot him with her gun if he did not restrain his wife from having an affair with her husband.

They appeared before Mrs Yeukai Chigodora to settle the matter but things got out of hand.

Musiyazviriyo, however, told the court that she was up in arms with Newengo’s wife since she had cheated with her husband. Said Musiyazviriyo: “I am a rich person, Your Worship. I have five gold claims in my name and the car that is being used by my husband is mine, yet she wants to snatch him from me. I wanted to kill her, but she apologized.”

Tables turned as Musiyazviriyo’s husband raised his hand from the gallery and told the court that Newengo’s wife was the one who seduced him whenever he gave her a lift.

"She always asks for a ride in my car and tries to seduce me by opening her legs, while with a short skirt, but I have never touched her or proposed love to her,” he said.

Upon hearing this, his wife, Jocelyn shouted and pointed at Newengo’s wife claiming that she was a lady of loose morals who was not content with her own husband and wanted to take her husband from her. “I wonder why I am just hearing of your skirt antics in my car for the first time in this court? I want to know why you were trying to entice my husband. Did you want him to have sex with you? Did you get what you wanted?” she shouted.

The matter had to be adjourned by Mrs Chigodora after Musiyazviriyo suffered a diabetic attack. About 30 minutes later the matter resumed and a binding protection order was granted. However, it was not over yet as a fight erupted between the two women as they waited to enter the Clerk of Court’s office.

Both had to be restrained by police officers.

Mrs Musiyazviriyo, I have respected you for a long time, but it is high time that I discipline you),” said Newengo’s wife as she put down her bag getting ready to fight Jocelyn.

“Buy your own car Newengo and do not be used by your loose wife who wants to snatch my hubby from me,” she shouted, but was, however, ordered to stop by the police officers who told her that she was risking incarceration.

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