Saturday, February 21

My Boyfriend Is Always Turning Down My Sexual Advances, Should I Be Worried?

From a female reader:
My boyfriend of six months is a super gentleman who respects women a lot, a trait that endeared him to me but I am getting irritated with his over gentlemanness. I have approached him for us to get down countless number of times but he keeps telling me he wants to respect me and my body and that he has the tendency of loving me less once we have sex. I have understood with him for 3 years now but it's beginning to give me concern. I love this dude I want him to have me, to scatter me, for him to Peter me up and down (his name is peter) but he is refusing. Says I'm his queen. Should I be worried?
You should be! Very Men hardly down sex. How much more from someone they 'love'. Turn down for what? Hehe. What say you, people?

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