Tuesday, February 17

Ouch! Amber Rose Isn't Done Yet! Slams Khloe Kardashian's Paternity

 Oh no! Amber Rose is hitting Khloe Kardashian where it really hurts. She continued throwing jabs at the Kardashian sister for calling her a stripper and saying she should stop mentioning their names in interviews..

Amber now said Khloe's father is OJ Simpson who many feel her mum Kris had an affair with. OJ Simpson was a professional football player who was acquitted after being on trial for the murder of his wife. Khloe's dad Mr. Kardashian was OJ Simpson's lawyer..

Amber also mocked Khloe by digging up her nude picture which Khloe once liked on instagram...
Amber Rose has no chill. She's pure venom!!!

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