Thursday, February 19

Monkey Inherits A Fortune From Wealthy Indian Parents

A monkey in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is set to inherit a fortune from his 'adoptive parents.'
Indian millionaire Savista Brajesh and her husband have decided to leave their entire property, worth millions of Indian rupees, to their monkey named Chunmun.

The couple, who adopted the orphaned monkey years ago, believes that Chunmun brought them good fortune.
Their wealth multiplied manifold soon after he came into their lives, according to Global News. The couple, who have no children, say they have raised him like a son.
Mr. Srivastava is Hindu and his wife is Muslim, and inter-faith marriages are still controversial in parts of India.
Mrs. Srivastava says both their families shunned them after their marriage and that they were lonely until they bought Chunmun.
The Brajesh family have also decided to form a trust for their pet, which will include acres of land, a house and a huge bank account.
After spending years with his rich 'parents,' the monkey has got used to an affluent lifestyle and developed an appetite for fast food. He is regularly served pizzas, burgers and noodles for dinner...

The couple, who consider Chunmun as their son, have also given him an air conditioned room with all modern amenities.

In 2010, the couple arranged a lavish wedding for Chunmun to a female monkey named Bitti Yadav.

The two monkeys live together at the couple's home, and have a party for their wedding anniversary every year.

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