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Monday, November 2

Wow! Two identical bearded strangers meet on a plane

Wow! Two identical bearded strangers meet on a plane

Photos of two identical bearded strangers have gone viral after they met on a plane.Neil Douglas shared a selfie after meeting an 'identical' stranger , a mystery Londoner, after he sat in his seat on a flight from Stansted to Galway.

The 32-year-old from Glasgow posted the amazing likeness on Twitter , resulting in over 600 shares in less than three hours.
And even more remarkable, when the pair arrived in the Irish city they discovered they were booked into the same hotel and decided to go for a drink together. Neil said:
"It happened yesterday, I work as a photographer so flew down to shoot a wedding in Galway.

"The funny thing is I went down to get my seat and he was actually sitting in it.
"I'm sure I said something along the lines of 'Hey brother' .
"He ended up sitting right next to me. It was all good fun. We had a laugh about it so I had to take the photo.
Wow! Two identical bearded strangers meet on a plane
"Then to make it even crazier, when checking in the Jury's Inn Hotel in Galway, he was in the same hotel!

"And then I went for a pint in a pub called the Quays and he was there again. We had a pint together and took a photo where you can see the most noticeable difference is the height.

"I don't even know his name but i know he's 35 and from London. He was over with his friends for a lads weekend. The guy in the background of the photo laughing is actually one of his friends.

"My wife was in Glasgow at the time but when she seen it she just finds it all amusing. I'm down here until Monday. I've not seen him today yet but you never know."
UK Mirror

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