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He confronted me about my job instabilty - Guy stabs dad to death, removes his heart and flees

He confronted me about my job instabilty - Guy stabs dad to death, removes his heart and flees

The Family House

34-year-old Nelson Oamen, reportedly stabbed his father, Ehiremen Oamen, to death during an altercation in their home.

The suspect also cut off his father’s heart and fled the scene on Friday, leaving blood trails behind him.

It all happened when the septuagenarian who is battling with stroke, confronted his son at 2am on the said day, about his truant living, job instability and drug addiction as well as violent clashes with residents within the neighborhood.

That was when Nelson, who was suspected to be high on drugs, allegedly stabbed his father to death in his bedroom, and covered his body with a blanket.

His body was discovered when Nelson's younger sister reportedly came into the house a few minutes later, and found traces of blood in the family’s sitting room.

She was said to have discovered Ehiremen's corpse on his bed, after which she raised the alarm.

Apparently, Nelso had a history of attacking his father.

According to his elder sister who came in from Ibadan upon hearing about the incident, “For about five years now, dad had been nursing a stroke, and he could not work again. So, he used to stay at home. Nelson did not have a stable location. He just came to the area on Friday.

“I was told that he came in through the window before committing the act. It was his younger sister, who has a shop in the area, and came in a few minutes later to change her clothes, who first observed bloodstains in the sitting room.

“She then traced the bloodstains to daddy’s room, and found out that he had been killed. We have not seen any sign of Nelson since then.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Joe Offor, said the police were on the trail of Nelson and would soon get him.

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