Friday, August 7

'We Have Curtailed Boko Haram '

Former Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Adesola Amosu (retd) has disclosed that the Nigerian military has reduced Boko Haram to a shadow of its former self and expressed optimism about its final destruction sooner.

Amosun who said this yesterday during the fly-out parade at Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Base, Abuja, held in his honour as he takes a bow out of the military after a 35 years of service, warned against complacency, saying terrorism is real and must be fought with utmost ruthlessness.

According to him, the December 2015 deadline given by President Muhammadu Buhari for ending of the Boko Haram threat is more a military operation.

He said: “Don’t forget there are two aspects of fighting terrorism; one aspect is the counter- to be led by the military – must conclude by December. The other aspect – the anti-, is a continuous process with Custom and other paramilitary agencies involved, with the police leading the operation.”

Speaking further, he said: “The fight against terrorism is going to receive higher boost. I want to assure you that the people we have left behind are part of the team, and of course we know that the freedom of movement and actions of the Boko Haram terrorists have been substantially curtailed. What is left now is mop-up exercise and to make sure some of our borders are completely closed and secured.”

“The threat of terrorism is very real, and should the terrorist succeed no part of the nation will be spared, hence, it is absolutely critical that we match the determination of terrorist with an even more ruthless determination of our own to overcome the threats of terrorism.”

According to him, Nigeria needs its gallant arm forces to rise to the challenge of defending the country against the scourge of terrorism and restoring the peace and security necessary for sustained development.

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