Tuesday, March 10

Seven Non-APC Governors Are Working With Us To Make Buhari The Next President Says Governor Okorocha

Governor Rochas Okorocha has revealed today in an APC rally which took place in Mile 2, Lagos, that seven non-APC Governors were already in Lagos to hold a private meeting with APC leaders over how to make General Buhari the next president of Nigeria. Okorocha however emphasized there is fear in the country already and as soon as General Muhammadu Buhari is announced the winner of the forthcoming elections, all the bad and corrupt leaders of the country will run away at night. While speaking on PDP, he said they had planned to bury the ruling Party, on the 14thof February, 2015, but fortunately for them, the election was shifted. He however now said March 28 is around the corner where the ruling party will now be buried. Read What he said at the rally below...

"General Muhammadu Buhari's (GMB) victory has been sealed and delivered. Today (Monday) about seven governors who are not APC are coming to hold meeting with us privately. "There is fear in the country. And the fear was that they know that GMB is a good man and he will win. And they know that once INEC announces GMB as the winner of the presidential election, all the bad people who are embezzling the country's fund will leave the country at night.
"The fear of Buhari is the beginning of stoppage of corruption. Do you know that before in this country, Nigerians do urinate on the road? But when Buhari assumed power in 1983, it all stopped. And he also stopped corruption. Okorocha also noted that PDP is already a dead party, saying that the party died immediately APC was formed. "We scheduled the burial of the party for February 14th but they postponed the burial to March 28. We are waiting patiently to bury the party forever. But let me tell you that you can change the date of burial but you cannot change the burial. It must take place. May the soul of PDP rest in peace," he said.
"The worst thing that can happen to any nation is to have a bad government. And the worst thing that can happen to any family is to have a bad father. Today, it is obvious that PDP is a bad government. And we thank God that we came together to change the bad government. And the change we came together for has started.

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