Saturday, March 14

Man Dumps Girlfriend Of 11 Years 24 Hours To His Wedding To Another Lady

In what seems to be a ruthless move, a Lagos-based guy called Tunji has parted ways with his girlfriend of 11 years. Though the former lovebirds are yet to reveal the reason for their breakup, the lady's friend has hit back on the groom-to-be as a 'heartbreaker'. Tweeting from @SheCrownLita, the popular author-cum-blogger tweeted, "One of my girls, just called to gist me. Her dude broke relationship of 11 years today. he is getting married tomorrow to a girl he just met. I am pained because i know them personally. Nobody saw it coming. Not even the girl. Plenty years of struggle and splitting salary.


"They started dating from 3rd year in Uni. Babe got a job before him and the babe was always splitting salary with him. Now dude is now a big boy. He had to leave.. And we will start pitying some people when they die untimely. I just hope my babe will wake up tomorrow morning. The chance is very slim. I told my babe to call other girls to go and scatter the wedding! What Rubbish! Tunji you will never find peace in all you lay your hands on! That's all! Gosh! I know the genesis of this bastard."

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