Tuesday, March 10

Nigerians Have Become Refugees Says Mama Blessings Agboli

The United Nations has said that thousands of Nigerians who escaped attacks by Boko Haram are stuck on some of the countless little islands that dot Lake Chad and are in dire need of food, water and shelter. Chad's Lake Region is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.

The current situation is quite complex, due to the influx of Nigerians in Chad there has been an economic situation which has lead Chad closing its ground borders to Nigerians and in Nigeria political tension threatens naira.

The naira has crashed through the key level of 200 to the dollar this week in a rout sparked by weak oil prices and escalating tension over the postponement of a presidential election. To this mama blessings Agboli wife of renowned preacher and senior pastor victorious army ministries, Rev. Dominic Agboli reacts "our economy is crashing right before us and Nigerians have become refugees in neighbouring countries why can't We put our differences aside and collectively create a centre where these homeless Nigerians can find succour? If We continue like this what future does the Country hold for us and our children" while emphasizing that security centers where provision of food and other basics has become imperative.

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