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Woman Who Was Attacked By Cult Group Over Refusal To Initiate Her Son Dies (Photo)

Remember Mrs. Suzzan Idogei from Esan central in Edo - who was allegedly struck with madness after being hit with partial stroke from an occult group in the region for failing to provide her only surviving son for initiation, new information has it that she has died.

The woman's son, Felix Idogei reached out to National Helm on June 20, after running away from Nigeria to Europe because of threat to his own life.

The late woman's elder brother Benjamin Osas from Esan central local government Area, Edo state
contacted National Helm earlier today to share the sad news of her demise.

According to Benjamin, his sister was attacked by Asigidi Occult, just because she refused to tell them her son's (Felix Idogei ) whereabouts in order for him to be initiated . The cult group are still looking for the young man till date to initiate him into their occultic world.

Benjamin Osas also revealed how his sister's husband was an occultic man before he died in 2005. He reportedly joined several cults in Nigeria. Benjamin disclosed that the Asigidi secret society came to family's house at night to let them know the kind of oath which their late father took with them before his death, saying that the eldest child will be a member of the group to replace the late father.

The eldest child (Fidelis Idogei) refused to be their member, after much threat to his life, he was killed in 2008. Doctors couldn't confirm what really caused his death...

After the death of Fidelis, the group later came for the only surviving child Felix who later ran out of Nigeria for safety.

The group made threats to the late woman's life (Susan) as she later reported the case to Nigeria police in Edo state (See sworn affidavit below), but they couldn't do anything to help her. The cult group allegedly struck her with stroke, before she was taken to stay with her elder brother Benjamin in Lagos.

According to Benjamin, he took her to Mountain of Fire ministry for prayers. She was getting fine gradually then suddenly she was struck with madness this year. She was later taken to a psychiatric home in Lagos but nothing changed.

Benjamin revealed that his sister gave up the ghost yesterday. May her soul rest in peace...


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