Saturday, August 5

Ugandan Man Watches Woman Drown Because No One To Help Him Hold His Phones (Photo)

A man told an Ugandan Television station that he watched a woman drown and couldn’t save her because he had his phones in his pockets.

A Twitter user shared a photo of the man’s interview with the caption:

    “This man watched a woman drown. He said he could swim & thought of jumping into the water
to save her. But he had his phones in his pockets.”

    The woman drowned running away from KCCA enforcers. She was poor and didn't have real opportunities. Her life was worth less than a phone.

    He gave an account that exonerated the enforcers then said KCCA has asked the Police to investigate. Why investigate if they already know?

    In law, he had no duty to save the woman. But may be the guys that chased her into the Nakivubo Channel where she drowned could be charged.

Source: Twitter

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