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KFB's heart-to-heart: Please Help! My ex- girlfriend is married but still wants me

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Please can we all kindly advise this troubled man. He is in need of that as he life is in dilemma.Dear Kemi
I was in a relationship with a lady for four years. Until she decided to get married last year, because of pressure. She told me the pressure from her parents became unbearable for her and all her friends are also married and always make her part of their bridal train.
I understand her reasons but since I wasn't ready I gave her the go-ahead. But she won't let me be even after her marriage, she wants us to continue the relationship. 
She said she loves me and not her husband. Please help, I don't want to break a home because i still have feelings for her not and not having any serious relationship right now. She was in my place last weekend. What do i do.

Henry. I'm based in Lagos.

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