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15 wedding guests injured after hotel staircase collapsed as they posed for photos

Guests at a wedding were rushed to hospital after a staircase collapsed as they posed for celebratory photos.

Newlyweds Andrew Hughes, 29, and Amy-Lenna Bryce, 26, had just tied the knot when the hotel steps came crashing down, injuring at least 15.The wedding party fell at least ten feet, suffering injuries to their legs, heads and necks.Five were taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries last Saturday.

A distraught guest told the Sun
“The day was going wonderfully, with everyone in great spirits, as you’d imagine.“The bride, groom, friends and family were all on the staircase getting set for the professional picture.“People were still getting in to place when there was an almighty crack — it was almost instantaneous.As soon as everyone was ready, they all came crashing down.People were screaming, it was horrendous.Although there was a lot of weight the staircase should have held up.”It completely ruined the day.
One person is really quite seriously injured, but they were lucky no one was killed.
“The couple had to call other guests who were due to arrive in the evening to cancel.
“They hope to rearrange as the happiest day of their lives turned into a nightmare.”
 Dad Christopher Bryce, 52, fought back tears yesterday as he said:
“I could get really angry, but now isn’t the time.“A lot of people are still recovering from their injuries and my main focus is to help my daughter in her recovery.”
Authorities are probing the ac­c­ident at the Holiday Inn in Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

Meanwhile the bride, who was able to walk away with her groom, was struggling to recover from the ordeal.

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