Thursday, January 26

“Today I Say No To Domestic Violence For My Daughter’s Sake”- Lady Yinka Speaks Against Abusive Baby Daddy

Hours ago, this beautiful lady shared photos and details of how her baby daddy would beat her to a pulp then leave her for dead.

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Enough is Enough!! It’s now time for me to speak up and let the whole world know the kind of person you are.. you have succeeded in ruining me in Lagos and made people I don’t even know hate me and my existence. I know I was to blame from the outset. I was that naive lil girl that went after p***k instead of school! Curse me all you want, I don’t care. The mental, physical and emotional trauma you have put me through is ENOUGH! I have endured in silence for the sake of my daughter but today I choose to be an example to her and put a stop to the violence and abuse. I had people I didn’t even know hate me from the start of our relationship, because you put up the perfect show for the public and made it seem like you were the only person In love and my affection and love towards you was inexistent. You made it seem like I was in charge whereas you were the DON and WIFE BATTERER from the start. All through the years I was loyal to a cheat who doesn’t want to be cheated on but would cheat on me with the cheapest street urchin! You go all around conquering my frenemies with your sexcapades yet you have a tracker in my car, my phone, and monitor every call and message that passes through! FAST FORWARD to early 2013, you came out of your shell, the worst moment of my life began…It seemed like I was in a trance as he’d hit me at the slightest disagreement.. PART 2 I engaged in different habits (things I wouldn’t do in my right senses). I left school ‘cos you insisted you would put me in a better one and also promised to see me through till the end ( A PROMISE YOU WOEFULLY FAILED TO KEEP)…Well maybe in my next life!!!! Remember how I was never ready and cried everyday about being pregnant and everyone wanting me to have the baby Including you!! Remember how I sat you down asked you and planned a better future for us????!!! 5months into my pregnancy his true colors began to unveil. He turned up his womanizing game from 40 – 400 real quick . I Stayed up most nights calling just to know if he was okay but he wouldn’t respond!!! I was 5MONTHS PREGNANT YET YOU STAYED OUT EVERY OTHER NIGHT!! On my birthday HE claimed he was going to get me a cake he came back 2am ( please o need the number of the cake shop that operates at 2am in Lagos)! When he got home, his phone kept ringing and the recurrent call was tagged “KARMA”!! I had a nagging feeling that it was a false name, so I dialed the number on my phone, saved it, then went on whatsapp. To my greatest surprise, @gbemyy picture that popped up!! My supposed friend on IG… I was stunned and wondered why a Random girl would call him at that time, I couldn’t keep it to myself so I confronted him and he insisted that she was just a friend.. Little did I know that they had been seeing behind my back all along.. Gbemy IF YOU ARE READING THIS BE REST ASSURED THAT I AM AWARE THE CLOTHES HIS FAMILY MEMBERS WORE ON MY CHILD’S CHRISTENING WAS FROM YOU!!! AND GOD WILL JUDGE YOU ACCORDINGLY!” PART 3 How about when I had my baby? Two weeks later he turned me into his punching bag, he knew I just had a baby, i bled for months before I could get better, remember when you kept beating me and broke your hand in the process and everyone blamed me for your broken arm? I covered up for him most times and my mom witnessed most of his abuse, still I stayed and kept on with smiley faces! SHAME ON ME! It got to a point I stopped bothering people around me with my problems cos at the end of the day they all say the same thing. “Stay there because of your baby” You speak ill of the same girls you introduced to me, same girls that always make sure we sort things out and not let the world laugh at us, same girls that see your fuckup and still cover for you. These are the only girls I could call 1am at night when you’ve almost killed me and still come to my rescue! Segun fear God! My family don’t mean shit to you.. you disrespect my mom every now and then. Your family hates me and everything that concerns me! Well that story is not for today.. I hope you told all your friends how much of a devil you are, i hope you told them how many times I had to use concealer on my face just to get to the gate cos you had beaten me blue black, I hope you told them I’ve had to fend for myself and my baby, I hope you told them you are not perfect… coz last time I checked I was always the bad person and you the saint.. Today I choose to stop the Domestic Violence! For the millions of young girls who’ve had to endure abuse for the sake of one thing or the other, for the sake of my daughter, I END THIS TODAY!!!

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