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Poor carpenter absconds after scan reveals his wife is having a set of triplet in Asaba

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A 51-year-old Asaba, Delta State-based carpenter identified as Joseph Abbah, has abandoned his pregnant wife and absconded shortly after scan revealed that the protruding tummy has triplets. 
It was gathered that Joseph Abbah had three children, a boy and two girls.
While speaking to a correspondent, the woman, Mrs. Mary Abbah, who is a petty trader, said that the doctor had insisted for a scan when she visited the hospital for the usual maternity clinic, adding that her husband consented to her going for the scan and even provided the N4000 with which she used for the exercise.
“The following day I went to the hospital with money and after the scan, I was told it was triplets, and I was happy, unknown to me that my husband had a different intention.”
According to The Leadership, a visibly disturbed Mrs. Abbah disclosed that on getting home upon the husband return from work, she informed him about the result of the scan but “his countenance changed almost immediately.”
She said that while the children and she had gone out of the house, her husband was said to have told a neighbour that he was traveling to Benin-City for a contract that will last for three days.
The wife said it’s almost one week since the man fled to Benin and when she contacted him, he bluntly told her that he had no money and that the triplets will add to his problems.
She further disclosed that she had been married to her husband for almost ten years, adding that they have been encountering one difficult times or the other, especially in the present recession as they moved into Asaba from Owo in Ondo State.

“I waited for three days I did not hear from him, I called his GSM line but he did not pick, until I took the pains to locate one of his friends who took me to Benin City, where I was that he had left where he claimed to have gone to seek for job,” the expectant mother who broke down in tears said.
Speaking to a reporter on condition of anonymity, a residents of the area described the fleeing carpenter as lazy with evil intention.
Sources close to the carpenter said he is always in the habit of complaining about not having sufficient patrons, and had allegedly threatened to disappear from his house to seek fortunes elsewhere.

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