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Jealous Man sets wife on fire after she got a text from another man (Photos)

The victim and her helper
A woman from Pauline Mugure is currently nursing serious injuries after being burnt by her husband for allegedly having an affair with another man.
According to reports, the victim was burnt with a stove and boiling stew and has been moving from one hospital to another with no reprieve due to the doctors’ strike in Kenya, which has forced the hospital to discharge her before she had fully recovered.
The mother-of-one who had remained in a coma for almost a month and a half after being admitted at the hospital, said: “When the strike started [on December 5 last year], I was discharged and asked to go heal at home.” 
The woman who got serious burns from the incident that happened in September 2016, said she cannot get further treatment because doctors are on strike, adding that she could not afford private hospital fees.

“He had come home with meat and while I was cooking it he took my phone and found a text message in which a male friend had invited me for a cup of tea.

"We quarreled and after a few minutes he picked the stove, threw it at me and it exploded on my upper body," she said.
The victim's mother , Jane Wanjiku
However, with the help of a well wisher, Pauline is set to undergo further medication and later for a reconstructive surgery in India.
Pauline’s Mother, Jane Wanjiku welcomed the kind gesture but urged the striking medics to consider resuming on duty to avoid more patients dying or suffering in their homes.
Pauline’s husband, Francis Kimani is still at large as he fled away with their 2-year-old daughter. 
Investigations have been launched into the incident.

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