Wednesday, January 25

Aww! Honest Taxi Driver jets Job offer in Australia and scholarships for Children after returning $20,000 lost in his car (Photos)

Reggie Cabututan (middle) was rewarded in a spectacular manner
Honesty truly pays! A driver has been favoured after he returned a whopping $20,000 that was forgotten by a passenger in his car.
According to reports in Phillipines where the incident happened, the driver identified as Reggie Cabututan, 30, didn’t hesitate to return the belongings left by his Australian passenger, Trent Shield, in Baguio City after he forgot the money in the driver's car.
The businessman who was so elated was about to report his missing belongings when Reggie pulled over and returned the belongings. The estimated worth of his stuff, which include money, passport, MacBook Pro and much more, is USD $20,000.
On Monday, Cabututan was honored by the city government on Monday. Shields canceled his flight to Australia and traveled back to Baguio so he can witness the event.
Because of Cabanatuan’s golden heart, Baguio’s Vivixx Academy and Australia’s Coder Factory of Australia decided to give him Certificate of Scholarship, valued at Two Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (P220,000.00), to the six-month Coding Boot Camp that will kick off in June 2017.
Once he completed the training, he is guaranteed an internship with an Australian company.

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