Saturday, December 24

5 Things that can really frustrate your Christmas celebration this year

Nigerians shopping for Christmas (File photo)
1: Your ATM card gets stuck in the machine on Sunday (Christmas morning).
Imagine running to the ATM machine to make withdrawal on Christmas morning with bae waiting in the car in anticipation of the Christmas outing, and after the 2nd trial, your card gets stuck. It hurts!
The most painful part will be if the girl is a new catch you were hopin to impress. 
2: If your generator also decides to go on break.
You know na, for us that will have to spend Christmas at home, after loading your "I better pass my neighbour" with fuel full tank and getting your best movie, generator now starts coughing. Then iya biliki your neighbour will be be like "ehya, your gen no work? And today na our off o" 
3: When bae decides she has new plans for the day
You must have spent a week planning for Christmas with bae, curving all your side chicks just to savour Christmas together, then on Sunday morning bea calls and be like 
"Hello boo, mummy says the house fellowship will hold in our parlour and I will take the praise and worship" 
You'll just be like "house fellow gini?, on Christmas day?"
4: Seeing Your Period 
This is the worst one. Just waking up and seeing your period as a lady on Christmas day! You'll be like " no please, just one more day off" 
Mood swing, hormones raging...worst of all, you leave boo hanging in the cold after he must have taken alomo and tramadol. OMG!!
5: The Nigerian Tailor! 
For those that are hoping on wearing a new tailor-made dress, and your tailor promises to get it ready on Christmas morning. Guess what? You get to her shop and alas! She hasn't even cut the material - by 1pm. Chai.

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