Wednesday, July 27

God made the man push the stone, the end is amazing!

God made the man push the stone, the end is amazing!

This parable teaches us one amazing lesson about God. It’s a must read the story for all, who wish to please Him!

One man had a great desire to please God. He prayed day and night and once he heard the voice from above saying:

“I want you to go and push that large stone.”

The man woke up and was so inspired. He ran to find the stone and started pushing it. He pushed and pushed, but nothing happened. He kept pushing the rock all day long.

The next day he did the same, but the stone did not move at all. For three months the man kept pushing the huge boulder, but then he quit.

That night he had another dream, and he heard the voice saying:

“Why did you stop pushing the stone?”

“Nothing happened and the boulder is still there,” – answered the man.

“Nothing happened? Look at you! You have become so much more focused and stronger. You built up your muscles. You are a changed man now! Pushing has transformed you! Besides, I did not tell you to move the stone. I just told you to push it. When the time comes, I’ll move it Myself!”

As you see, at times hardships in your life are there to make you stronger and to change you. They are not there for you to deal away with them. When the time comes, your deliverance will be from the Lord.

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