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'Military chiefs stole more than politicians' - PDP chairman Makarfi tells Buhari

'Military chiefs stole more than politicians' - PDP chairman Makarfi tells Buhari

Senator Ahmed Makarfi

Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Caretaker Committee, Senator Ahmed Makarfi has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the successes his anti-corruption fight has so far recorded.

This was as he applauded the President for his bold step in probing the $2.1bn arms fund allegedly misappropriated by some high profile individuals and military officers in the country.

According to the former Kaduna state governor, recent revelations into the $2.1bn arms deal has shown that military chiefs stole more than the politicians that are being accused of corruption, Nigerian Tribune reports.

Makarfi said, “Now, if you look at the centre, go to the $2.1billion arms money. $2.1billion is about N700 billion. If you total the money that was said to have been diverted into politics, it’s not even up to five per cent of this money. So, you have 95 per cent that the military and the bureaucracy should account for.

“Give credit to President Muhammadu Buhari, he’s the only one looking at the military and the bureaucracy. And that is why when you see one General, what he is being charged for may be a totality of the majority of the politicians put together. And people don’t see that point.

“They will only look at the politicians. Mind you, it is this military and bureaucracy that really knew right from the beginning that, that money was for arms. Those politicians were only given a task.”

Makarfi disclosed that since 2003, “the centre has always been funding elections nationwide. So, how will one, a politician know that in 2015 that it was not the same party that has been in place since 2003? They are not in a position to know. But those members of the Armed Forces and the bureaucracy knew exactly what the money was for and they diverted a lot of it. So, Nigerians should really think; the media should really think.

“Let’s even know where the problem lies and stop thinking that ‘oh, it’s PDP!’ I agree, where we did wrong, we will accept. So, this matter of corruption is not an issue limited only to PDP. If you continue to look at it that way, you will be missing the point,” he added.

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