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FREQUENT LOSS LIVES: Nigerians want Peace Mass Transit banned, write Transport Ministry

FREQUENT LOSS LIVES: Nigerians want Peace Mass Transit banned, write Transport Ministry

Nigerians, particularly travellers, have called on the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi to ban the Peace Mass Transit from plying Nigerian roads.

This was following the constant fatal accidents, which the transport company had recorded lately.

DAILY POST reports that the company had within a short period recorded over 10 crashes, which led to the death of many Nigerians.

Reacting to the development, safety expert, Emeka Zeluwa said the company should be banned from operating and be investigated for the recent mishaps it had recorded.

According to him, “The rate at which Peace Mass crushes Nigerians to death is alarming. I think the ministry of transportation should do the needful by banning its operations nationwide.

“The company should also be investigated for the reoccurent tragic incidents”, he told DAILY POST on phone.

Similarly, Mr. Segun Adesanya, a civil servant believed that the company had inexperienced drivers.

He voiced his conviction thus, “I have been a victim of Peace Mass Transit disaster last year. I lost a niece who was traveling with their vehicle. I am sure they don’t have qualified drivers, hence the reason for their daily crashes. I think they should be stopped from operating before they finally finish Nigerians.”

Also a check on social media showed that Nigerians are not happy with the transport company.

A nairalander, Feyi said, “PEACE should be banned for now……..when peace become pieces.”

Another user called Dike said,
“I have been trying to avoid saying anything about this Peace Mass Transit but it seems they won’t leave the headlines.

“This is a failure of the Nigerian FRSC. Peace Mass ought not to be plying our roads anymore. If you want to see how to run a stupid and successful business, use Peace Mass as a case study. There is no day you go to Peace mass that you won’t see agbero fighting with a passenger or driver doing same.

“They employ unfit and slow drunks who have no respect for speed limits and human life. People who are brainless and dumb.

“I parted ways with these people a long while ago and will advise people to be wary before they embark on a journey with them.”

On her part, Cecelia said, “The truth is that Peace Mass drivers are very reckless. They over speed a lot, but management of the company refused to do anything about it, lavishing human blood like say na pure water.”

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