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Sunday, May 29

Nigeria's Naughties Girl, Maheeda Reveals How She Loves to be Handled in Bed (Video)

Nigeria's Naughties Girl, Maheeda Reveals How She Loves to be Handled in Bed

Gospel singer turned nudist, Maheeda

Controversial gospel singer turned s*x advocate, Maheeda has released another scintillating bombshell on what turns her on and how she loves it in bed.

She loves it rough, but not too rough. Gospel singer turned nudist advocate, Maheeda has revealed how she wants to be handled in bed. The woman known for posting her nudes on Instagram and snapchat took to her youtube handle to reveal intricate things about her sexual preference.

She said: “People always ask me about how I like sex. For me, sex is to be enjoyed and it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I just want it rough and when I say rough I don’t mean violent, I mean hard.

"Sometimes I just want it in a gentle way. Sometimes, I have energy and I just want to use the energy to satisfy my man. Most African men think that the harder they do it, the better they are. I like to talk a lot before having sex so as to know my partner’s preference. If you want the same thing that I want then you are a good match. I hate dry sex, when a man is doing what I am not feeling.

"I like my sex enjoyable, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow. Foreplay is just so important to me. For me, size doesn’t matter but of course not too tiny. What matters to me is that he knows how to use the tool.” She said.

She advised people to always “Go online, watch some porn, sometimes porn is educative. If you don’t know how to do it there is no shame in it.”

Watch below:

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