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Friday, April 22

How The Oba Of Benin Rules

How The Oba Of Benin Rules

At the village level, the head of government is the Odionwere. He rules the village with the help of all elders in the village. Higher up the rulership, is the Enogie (Duke) or Enigi (Dukes).

An Enogie is responsible for a number of villages. These Enigie are mostly blood brothers of the Oba of the Benin Kingdom.

The Edionwere of these villages report directly to the Enigie (Dukes) responsible for their villages.

The Enegie in turn report directly to the Oba of Benin and the Iyase (Prime Minister) of Benin. At the centre, the Oba makes effective use of the three classes of Chief i.e. The Uzama Chiefs, The Town Chiefs and the Palace Chiefs in administering the Benin Kingdom.

In the Oba’s Palace, there are three associations. They include:

(1) Iwebo (Responsible for the Oba’s property – i.e wardrobe, palace buildings and the like).

(2) Iweguae (responsible for Oba’s household, provides personal attendants).

(3) Ibiwe (supervises the harem of the Oba)

Each of these associations is sub-divided into three grades members of the most senior grade, who are given life title like the peers in Britain.

Iwebo association has 42 Chief among whom and Uwangue, Eribo, Ovienrioba, Osague, Aiyobahan, Olaye, Obaruduagbon, Esasoyen Obamarhiaye, Aiwerioba, Ihaza Obarisiuwa, Ehioba, Eriyo, Obasoya, Uso, Osia and Osonlaye.

Iweguae association has 34 Chief among whom are. The Esere, The Obazelu, The Aighabahi, The Obaseki, The Obadagbony, Obaradesagbon, The Akennuwa, The Ovienzowoba, The Aideyanba, The Ehanire, the Eraloyen, The Ohensa, The Ogua, The Ezama, The Ohonba, The Obayangbon, The Asuen, The Oghafor, The Ikuobasoyemwen, The Obahanye and The Uwaya.

The Ibiwe Association has 30 Chief among whom are the Ine, The Osodin, The Obazuaya, The Obahiagbon, The Obamwonyi, The Obayuwana, The Aiyobagiegbe, The Obarogiuwa, The Uso, The Ezuako, The Obazuwa, The Imasogie, The Arase, The Ehola, The Ebegua and the Obamedo.

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