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Nigerian Lawyer Sharon Ikeazor Begs People Of Anambra Living Abroad To Return Home & Rebuild State

Nigerian Lawyer Sharon Ikeazor Begs People Of Anambra Living Abroad To Return Home & Rebuild State

Barrister Sharon Ikeazor

Barrister Sharon Ikeazor pleads with the people of Anambra living abroad to return home to help build the state.

Nigerian Lawyer Sharon Ikeazor Begs People Of Anambra Living Abroad To Return Home & Rebuild State

ASPIRING SENATORIAL candidate, Barrister Sharon Ikeazor has made an appeal to members of the Diaspora to come home.

Barrister Ikeazor, nominated by the All Progressives Congress (APC) screening committee to fly the party’s flag in the rerun elections for Anambra Central, because of her “integrity, loyalty, perseverance and consistency to the emergence of the party,” made a recent appeal to the people of Anambra living abroad to “come home to build” the state.

Speaking to APC UK, a day before the decision was made to dismiss a former PDP candidate; Mrs Uche Ekwunife from contesting on the party’s platform, Barrister Sharon said the Diasporas would be the backbone of Anambra.

“We definitely need them to come back but a lot of Nigerians in the Diaspora are afraid of coming back home because of the insecurity, she expressed. “Most of the work I am going to be doing, I will be liaising with those in the Diaspora. I have the intention of making sure that we create space for them to come back in.”

However she said things the state had to put into order. “We would need those bright minds out there,” she enthused: “but it is for them to come back to a conducive environment. We need to make Anambra work for them, because they have lived in a developed world, where things work.”

The Barrister who was called to the Bar in 1985 has often spoken about her passion for a better Nigeria and better opportunities for women. She argued that Nigeria would be a better country if more women took an active role in politics.

“Women can multi-task and there is nothing they cannot do. When you get it right with women, you get the whole society right so I believe in empowering women, which is why I have been building the capacity of women.”

She continued:

“Politics for women, should go beyond going to rallies, wearing aso-ebi and clapping and dancing.
“Women should come in and run for party positions, side by side with the men and add to the development of their party and their country,” she further said.

Dispelling the old rumour that President Buhari was against women, Barrister Sharon said, “Buhari does not judge any one by their gender or their religion. He only judges you by your ability to do the work. I worked effectively with him irrespective of the fact that I was a woman.

“President Buhari is more of my mentor than my boss. I look up to him a lot.”

Having also become a mentor to several women, daughter of the late Chimeizie Ikeazor (SAN) of Obosi, Anambra State believes there would be an increase in the numbers of women councillors after this year’s council election.

“We have to build the future leadership and I believe Nigeria would do better if we include women in the strata of governance and leadership of this country.”


Adenike Lucas,
Press Secretary
All Progressives Congress – UK Chapter

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