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2016 budget is ambitious but must be fully implemented – Senator Hunkuyi

2016 budget is ambitious but must be fully implemented – Senator Hunkuyi

Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi representing Kaduna North Senatorial District (APC) has described the nation’s 2016 budget as a very ambitious one with a far reaching goals.

Speaking with DAILY POST on Saturday, Hunkuyi averred that the budget, the first the All Progressives Congress government was presenting, is to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians.

“The APC government is a product of ambition of electorate and this is the first budget being presented by the government with a far reaching goals, so we must avoid the mistake of past government and implement it fully in order to sustain confidence of the people”, Hunkuyi said.

Hunkuyi identified a three areas the budget tend to address irrespective of economic meltdown of the nation as capital expenditure, doubtful debt repayment of the the previous administration and governance.

“The three components are, one, the N6.1 trillion budget which is the highest in the entire history of governance in Nigeria. Secondly, The N1.8 trillion capital budget representing 30% total expenditure profile, a record that has never been attempted within the 16 years of the PDP misrule in Nigeria. Thirdly, the N1.4trillion, otherwise doubtful debt repayment profile of the PDP ousted Administration.”

According to him, the ousted Jonathan led government left behind a near comatose economy which has resulted to the falling of Naira to an all time low of N290 to N300, a situation he said President Muhammadu Buhari has been making efforts to solve.

Hunkuyi further noted that looting and fuel subsidy scam in the past was responsible for lack of resources which has made the current government to run a deficit budget.

“In the last 16 years of the PDP government, they had always run year in, year out, a deficit budget where a chunk of money was stolen. This is clearly shown in the two notorious issues of Dasukigate and fuel subsidy scam”..

“Even strong economies of the world, like United States of America and China ran deficit budget to address challenges, less daunting than the ones we are facing in Nigeria,” he argued.

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