Tuesday, May 5

G-Unit Member's Girlfriend Claims He Beat Her And Releases Photos Of Her Battered Face

Beauty queen (Miss Globe Jamaica 2014) and video vixen Maurita Robinson yesterday released photos of her battered, bloody face on instagram and accused her boyfriend, G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd of beating her in Las Vegas this weekend. Kidd is friends with 50cent. Below is what she wrote;
I decided to speak up today because i finally built the courage to walk away from domestic violence. somebody who is violent and not in control of there emotions is not at all your problem and you are not there as punching bag for whatever crises that he may be going through, which im guily in i made excuses for many months hiding behind the pain trying to be a goid woman and continue to "hold it  down" as hundreds of women probably have done or maybe still going through.  My eyes opened last night when nearly lost my life in our vegas hotel room last night being strangled to death nearly not breathing while im being chocked looking straight at the man i loved unconditionally for 7 moths straight whilst he strangling me. Yes he did it before but i and yes i was stupid in thinking because i didnt loose my breathe i took it as its just a mistake i no he loves me il forgive him and try and help him be there for him in whatever he is going through.....no! Its so easy to get caught up in giving chances because you want to save "love" and try to be as forgiving as god said we should and u dont wana "give up" believing in the person you love. But last night i decided to say NO enough is enough what if he had taken my life... Over what? A lil argument? Stitches in my split lip, a hole going through my mouth and then now What argument is worth being strangled to death. None! So please Learn from me i have finally found the stregth to leave and share my stregth with whoever else may need that little bit of empowerment and encouragement. I hold my head high and i thank god for giving me the streght and opening my eyes last night that i have more of a purpose on this earth than to allow a man to have my life in his hands whilst he has my love and support through thick and thin no body deserves to be held down like that. Its my time to move on and be free. No body understands what its like to take that and be quiet for so long untill it happens to them. And me too i now understand. Im ready to continue being the happy bruise free, stitches free, motivated, excited about life person that i have always been! #NoMorePain x
This is the girl.

 And that's Kidd Kidd with 50cent

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