Wednesday, May 6

An Unidentified Man Drowns At The River In Ubu Osigbo

The story has it that the man came to the river to swim as usual. After washing his machine, and was about to enter the water to swim, a young lady followed him. As he noticed the presence of the lady, he called her and made some advances to her. One thing led to another both of them started romancing each other in the water. According to an eye witness who narrated the incident to me said that as the romancing was going on, both of them dived into the river at same time and could not be seen again.
Some individuals who were aware of their disappearance searched for them on that fateful Sunday to locate them but they could not be seen. The search continued on Monday with nobody locating them. Until yesterday Tuesday morning the man was brought out lifeless while the lady that dived into the water with him to swim is no where to be found. As at this moment the lifeless body of the man is still at the shore of the UBU OSIGBU. Some people said that the man is from Kogi state. Those looking for their son or brother or husband can go there to check the identity of the man.

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