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Thursday, November 19

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make During Se*x

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make During Se-x

If you’ve been having s-ex for a while, you probably think you’re a pro. You know all the things women like and you are a champion in the bedroom. Well many men are selfish in the bedroom and only pay attention to how well they think they’re doing. Well this post on Single Woman Chronicles will shed light on if you’re really pleasing her or only pleasing yourself.

1) Switching Positions:

Sir, I don’t know what Mr. Marcus DVD you’ve been watching but I AM NOT a p-orn star and this is not a performance. If you don’t calm down and stop switching positions! I just got in the groove of the last one and now you’re switching again!!! News Flash sir, I am not blissful at this moment, I’m just getting annoyed and dry from the lack of pleasure.

2) The Longer the Better:

I don’t know why you think you need to last 1 whole hour?! If you haven’t made my toes curl by now then you just don’t know what the hell you’re doing sir! I don’t really care how long you last; honestly the quicker you make me squirm the quicker I can get back to Love and Hip Hop and you can get back to this football game. Learn my likes and dislikes and make meClimaXx in 5 minutes and you’ll be the best I ever had.

3) The Bigger the Better: ...

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