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Tuesday, November 17

The Paris Attacks in Summary

The Paris Attacks in Summary

In what has now been described as the worst attack in French history since world war II, last night will be remembered for years to come, as Gun men numbering about eight carried out deadly coordinated attacks in six locations across the capital city of France.

More details below;

Many news agencies put the death toll at between 120 and 153 casualties.

At least there were 112 causalities reported at a concert hall where an American rock band performed. The Bataclan theatre is said to be where the highest casualties was recorded, as the theatre can house up to 1,500 people.

About 4 people were killed outside a stadium where the French and German team had a soccer game. In the course of the game, two explosions were heard. It was also said that the French president, Francois Hollander and German Foreign Minister were present in stadium when the bombs went off. The French president was evacuated and was taken to the interior ministry which is said to be near the Stade De France stadium.

The Paris Attacks in Summary

Scene of The stadium after the two explosives went off... Daily Mail UK

About 19 people were reportedly killed in a local Cambodian restaurant, Le Petit, with Ak47 weilding terrorists screaming "Allahu Akbar" and opened fire.

The Paris Attacks in Summary

Scene at the Cambodian Restaurant... Daily Mail UK

Many eye witnesses at the theatre reported that about Four men attacked the hall, shooting at the crowd for 10 - 15 minutes. The gun men wore no masks and heard shouting "This is for Syria" and " Allah Akbar (God is great in Arabic)".

Two of the terrorists blew themselves up in the stadium and one at the restaurant. It was also learnt that the four gunmen who attacked the Baltacan Theatre where the casualty is highest all blew themselves up.

The American band, Eagles of Death metal are still searching for their crew members and some of their band crews have not been accounted for.

The Paris Attacks in Summary

After he was evacuated from the Stadium, Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency in a national broadcast. This is the first declaration of state of emergency since world war II. He also announced the closure of all France's borders. additional 1,500 army re-inforcements were deployed to Paris to assist the security operatives over there.

The Paris Attacks in Summary

French President, Francois Hollande Addressing his country men

The world is a mess right now... So sad... Our prayers are with the French people

Source: Dailymail UK, Reuters, CNN

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