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Tuesday, November 17

My Love-My Pride: Ngozi Proudly Shows Off Her Hero

My Love-My Pride: Ngozi Proudly Shows Off Her Hero

6 years and counting Laila. He simply brings out the best in me. Our love story is simple. Nothing fancy but real. We met when I was just 8 years old but didnt start dating until 17 years later. I didnt do any shakara cos i knew i had found a good man a true friend.

After 6 months we got married. Our love is real... no forming. He taught me how to be a better person. He is so patient and kind. You cant stay upset with him. He just won't let you. We strongly believe that Jehovah is the third person in our marriage.

For those who are looking for love . Nobody is perfect.. So don't expect your spouse to be. Do not engage in per marital sex,never stop communicating, and saying sorry has never killed anyone...

I am lucky to have him to myself.

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