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Thursday, October 22

Scandal: Lady at the Centre of Pastor Anselm Madubuko adultery saga speaks out

Kikelomo with her ex-husband | Pastor Aslem with his wife Emmy

 Pastor Anselm Madubuko of the Revival Assembly reportedly confessed to an adulterous affair with a church member on Sunday.

The lady at the centre of the story, Kikelomo Akinkumi has also shared her side of the story via an exclusive statement released to website – Gossip Boyz.

She rejects the adultery claims and explains that she was a member of the church’s prayer department but was suspended from the church for undisclosed reasons along with other members of her department.
I really do not know where all these stories are coming from.. People have been calling me asking about this story and why I haven’t been in church for sometime. Yes I was suspended from church! But adultery? It was never about adultery; I was suspended from church but I wasn’t the only one who was suspended. I am in the prayer department of my church and the HOD of that department was also suspended. The church decided to suspend us because of reasons best known to them. The thing is, that department was suspended including my pastor who heads the department”
I have made up my mind never to attend that church again, because the church of God does not belong to any man but God. I believe no Man of God has the right to tell members of the church not to come to church again. I have spoken to Pastor Anselm and in his word, he would sue anyone carrying false story about him confessing to adultery, they must apologize to all parties mentioned…It didn’t happen! Thank you.”

The church has not released an official statement at this time. However, prominent church members have spoken out to icampusng.

Popular gospel musician, Kenny Saint Best (KSB) who attends Pastor Anselm Madubuko’s church, The Revival Assembly Church in Lagos and is the head of Teens Ministry and popular actor, Paul Obazele who is the Head Of Media have denied the news online today that Pastor Madubuko confessed to adultery during a church service on Sunday, both entertainment personalities who spoke to our corespondent in a separate telephone interviews said the popular pastor did not in any way have sexual encounter with Kikelomo Akinkunmi, ex-wife of music producer, K-Solo neither did he confess to adultery with her.

KSB who spoke to us first said what happened on Sunday was totally and clearly misconstrued.
“What the Pastor apologized for was the fact that he did not heed to warnings from a lot of people that the girl has a destructive spirit, not that he slept with her.
Kike came to the church disguised as a prayer warrior and as somebody who needed help, the church embraced her and she joined the Intercessory section, she gave a lot of prophecies, some of which actually came true but she also had destructive tendencies as many people in the department had to leave because of her. At that point, many people went to the Pastor and told him too expel the girl as she had destructive spirit and many even said she had Jezebel spirit but the Pastor refused to believe them. He only consulted with the head of Prayer warriors who is another Pastor who said the girl is truly talented but after a while, she also descended on the Head Of the department, as a matter of fact the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when she gave prophesy that the Pastor Madubuko married wrongly and that he should close down the ministry. The Pastor began to see that he was wrong to have disregarded the warnings of other prayer warriors that have called for the sacking or expulsion of the girl and indeed that was what Pastor Madubuko apologized for’.
After a while, popular actor, Paul Obazele called us and introduced himself as Head of Media of the ministry, he said
“Nothing like Pastor confessing to adultery ever happened, I am talking to you as the head of media, that story is not true and as KSB said, we can get you the tape. Please disregard such news”.

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