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Sunday, October 18

#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I ate and went to hell...

Hello madam Kemi Filani, hope you are good? I have this testimony I would love you to share with your blog readers for me. God delivered me from the consequences of strange appetite. 
I ate and went to hell, but the power of God, the Almighty brought me out.
My pregancy was becoming controversial and long. I was not feeling any movement in my womb from the sixth month and the different hospitals l went to were saying the foetus was alive , even with the series of tests and scan carried out on me.
However, l carried the pregnancy for a very long time.
When the waiting was getting too long and unbearable, l sought God's help. l was praying and attending special programs, but when the time came for me to be delivered, God rose for me.
And it could only have been the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.
At the deliverance session, the woman of God held my hands and prayed.
She saw in the Spirit that l was not carrying a baby but a Coconut! 
She asked me if l had anything to do with coconut in the course of the pregnancy. 
Me? God!
Then l remembered the root of my predicament.
I was about four to five months pregnant when a strange appetite just came all over me.
That day, l was at home when a coconut fell down from its tree in our large compound. I heard the fall, so l went out of the house to go and take it. Before l got there, one elderly woman was already holding it.l pleaded with her to give it to me; telling her that was the reason l came out.
Now, as l recalled the scene, l saw she reluctantly gave me the coconut, even hitting my stomach with it.
And truly, it was around that time l no longer felt any foetal movements. 
Father God, l learned my lesson!
I sought Your Mercy and You did not leave me to myself.
I was put on a seven day dry fast with mountain moving prayer points.
At the end of the 7th day, in the evening, my menses came as the Woman of God had prophesied. 
A menstruation that was not only blood but with shredded-particles-like- substance flowed for the normal duration.
That was my first victory. 
The Woman of God later prayed for me for the power of God to cleanse me inside out and prepare my womb, quickening it for the purpose of which it is meant.
And God heard! 
Two months later, l became pregnant again; this time with all l could do to be sober before God.
Thank God of all mercies and for all HIS power, HE gave us twins according to HIS Word that says for our shame, we will have double honor. 
Lord, how do l praise You enough? How do l tell of Your work that man will praise You?
YOU are GOD the Great GOD
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