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Read Beyonce's letter to 2 members of Destiny's Child who accused her of taking the spotlight

Read Beyonce's letter to 2 members of Destiny's Child who accused her of taking the spotlight

The author of Beyonce's unauthorized biography "Becoming Beyonce" has revealed the contents of a letter she wrote to two of the original members of Destiny's Child.

It was dated January 5, 2000 and was sent to LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, who had fallen out with Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé's father and the band's manager, over how he was giving his daughter more of the spotlight and lead vocal parts.

Beyoncé would have been 19 at the time she wrote to them and was already displaying her ruthless ambition to get to the top. The letter reads
'I have shared some of the best moments of my life with the two of you by my side. I have also shared some of the worst'.

'(Think of) the white house on Parkwood (her family home) that you both spent many summers living in that we had to sell, the car we all piled into that we had to sell, the job that Mathew quit to dedicate countless hours to Destiny's Child.

'You were there when people called him crazy for dedicating his time and money to us. It's very sad when people become successful that they forget how they got where they are and who helped them... we all know that our contributions are not anywhere close to being equal, yet we all get paid equally.

'I have never asked for the best clothes or better treatment. In fact, I have settled for the worst on numerous occasions just to avoid conflict and keep the peace.

'I also never complained when you didn't sing one note on numerous songs on the (first) album.

'I've never complained when I was working my butt off in the studio as I did on the last album (The Writing's On The Wall) when the two of you were both either sleeping or on your phones approximately eighty percent of the time.

'I never complained when the two of you were lip singing to my vocals on some of the videos and on stage'. 'Approximately every three weeks (or less!) there is drama caused by one or both of you. I don't deserve this! So don't think that this is because of Mathew.

'It's just that I can't continue to live with the same drama that I have dealt with for so many years

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