Wednesday, October 28

Dabota Lawson talks about being a sinner and how God has been faithful

Dabota Lawson talks about being a sinner and how God has been faithful

She might be married to a man that is old enough to be her grandpa for all the wrong reasons, but Dabota Lawson still goes to church.

The former beauty queen and wife of Billionaire Aku took to her instagram page hours ago to explain how she spent all her days last week in church praising God and despite not been totally 'righteous' God has blessed her back.

It's not by my righteousness but I tell you something. God really delights in our praises he knows we are not perfect . He understands us even more than we understand ourselves. Going to church everyday last week for the praise night at TPH was for no reason, yes maybe in between I remember good and bad moments and a few things I'd like and pray about it. However through out last week everyday God gave me unexpected Breakthroughs and open doors I didn't even know I needed to walk through. I even didn't pray for something that I've wanted for 3 years now. It's not that I couldn't go out and get it but it always just felt impossible at the back of my mind for some strange reason. I had created excuses upon excuses and fear too had play a huge role in my not pushing for it .. BUT GOD, hmmmm THIS God gave it to me today .. Praise the lord .. I'm not perfect but God loves me enough to give me my heart desire even when I've given up on myself

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