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Graduate who steals from bank accounts of unsuspecting victims tells how he does it!

If everything had gone according to plan, Babatunde Fatai, should be heading to his camp site where he would begin his mandatory National Youth Service programme, but apparently he got caught committing his own crime.

A graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Fatai was arrested for defrauding foreign women and men whom he met on dating sites while posing as their lover.
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But that was just one of his many crimes.
Fatai, was also charged for various Internet crimes, including hacking into bank accounts of many people in and outside Nigeria, and serial robbery.
He confessed that he has been in the business for so long he doesn’t actually remember how much he’s deceived his victims of.
Fatai said: “It is not easy to do Internet fraud. It takes painstaking effort.
“At times, I would go to dating sites to woo both men and women. I would make sure they fall in love with me by regularly sending love and romantic messages and even calling them until I deceived them into giving me their account details.
“At times, I would send fake emails to bank customers making it look like it emanated from their banks. Then I would ask them to change their password, PIN or other bank account security details.
“They would be required to input the old and new, but as soon as I get the old password, I would use it to hack into their accounts, transfer the money to the person I’m dating abroad, who would later send it to me through another means,” he explained.

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