Friday, September 11

NLC urges Buhari to release looters name

NLC urges Buhari to release looters name

The Nigeria Labour Congress, the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria and human rights leaders have demanded the revelation of the identity of the looters and the prosecution of corrupt officials in the country.

In a solidarity march in support of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption moves on Thursday, the workers said that past corrupt officials irrespective of their political affiliations should be probed and denied access to public offices henceforth.

According to them, the main reason for the lack of infrastructure in the country, good roads, hospitals and jobs for the Nigerian youths is because corrupt practices have been allowed to thrive for too long.

The NLC Chairman, Lagos State, Idowu Adelakun, said that the probe should be extended to the state government officials.

He said, “We want to tell the government that the workers of Lagos State are not accepting corruption any longer. There are no jobs and the economy is bad; corruption has caused this. About three years ago, America said we are the most corrupt country in the whole world, but we denied it.

“Recently, we are now seeing that it is true. We cannot continue to live that way. We, as workers of Nigeria, are saying enough is enough. All corrupt people should be brought to book and should not be allowed to hold any public office again in their life.

The TUC Chairman, Lagos State, Akeem Kazeem, also pledged support for the ongoing restructuring in the Lagos States ministries.

He said, “We are saying that the restructuring that is going on in Lagos is fully supported by the labour movement. We want to pass this message across to Nigerians and we are appealing to the government to continue without being disturbed.

“Corruption is well pronounced in the Nigeria political system and public sector. The belief is that once a person occupies a public position, they will use corrupt practises to enrich themselves. We are saying no to this. It created a very bad image for its citizens.

In addition, the Lagos State Chairman, Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Buma Isiak, said, “Anybody who is against the anti-corruption moves is against Nigerians. The violation of human rights is a corrupt practice. Many people are living in abject poverty and exploitation and corruption persists in every stratum.”

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