Thursday, September 10

All African Games: Nigeria miss out of swimming medals

All African Games: Nigeria miss out of swimming medals
Egypt and South Africa dominated the swimming events yesterday, leaving nothing for Nigeria at the on-going All African Games in Congo Brazzaville .

Nigerian swimmers were obviously not prepared for the Games. They were initially ruled out, only for the National Sports Commission to reinstate them after President Mohammadu Buhari had tasked the NSC to ensure Nigeria compete for the swimming medals alongside the continent's heavyweights.

In yesterday's concluding events Le Clos Chad of South Africa came first in men's 50m butterfly with a time of 0.64 , bringing the final record to 23.51 to beat Eissa Omar of Egypt to second position with a time of 0.67 to a final record of 24.18.

In the 50 metres Breaststroke  women,Tatjana of South Africa returned a time of 0.70 to a final record of 32.49 to beat Atif Mali of Egypt to second position.
South Africa and Egypt again won the Gold and Silver in the 200 metres Backstroke  men, 100 metres Freeystyle  men,  4×100 metres Freeystyle women and 4×200 metres Freeystyle men .

Zimbabwe Coventry Leigt Kirsty won the Gold medal in the 100 metres Backstroke women with a time of 0.64 to a final record of 29.69 to beat Prinsloo Karin of South Africa to second position .

"We were told that our swimmers will not participate in the Games; this was after we camped them. However, we had only two on standby, but the when the NSC told us another thing, we had to bring in another two. The whole thing was very confusing to the swimmers," said a top member of the swimming federation.

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