Saturday, September 12

Man urinates on fellow passengers on plane

A drunk passenger on board a JetBlue plane was arrested on Friday upon arrival in the western US state of Oregon after urinating on fellow passengers, authorities said.

“Flight 45 from Anchorage, Alaska, was met by local authorities upon arrival into Portland at 4:26 this morning following an incident involving an intoxicated customer,” the airline said in a statement.

Portland police said 26-year-old Jeff Rubin spent several hours in jail before being released. He faces charges of second-degree criminal mischief and offensive littering.

Crew and passengers on board the flight told police that the suspect slept through most of the three-hour flight but woke up shortly before landing and began relieving himself.

“Approximately 30 minutes prior to landing he stood up and began urinating through the cracks of the seat onto the passengers seated in front of him,” said the police report obtained by AFP.

“At some point Jeff Rubin lost his balance causing him to fall backwards and urinate upwards which got on the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passenger’s personal belongings.”

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