Friday, August 28

Why Buhari’s Ministers Must Not Leap For Joy

By Seun Bisuga

In football, coaches strive to land marquee signings that will revamp their team. The big name players they hope will help the club achieve its goals of winning titles or getting into European competitions but these big signings don’t always work out.

Fernando Torres is a classic example. So when President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria came to power, big names were laundered along the corridor of power but increasingly Buhari has surprised Nigerians with his appointments.

He has looked towards the academy rather than splashing 50 million pounds on some strike, like Chelsea did on Torres.

This I expect will continue when he does name his ministers. But even then, the ministers must be weary of the ‘Boss’.

Buhari has continued to receive briefs from the ministry, this has helped him to know who goes where and how much damage or good has been done to these ministries.

With this knowledge, anyone that is appointed minister will not have the luxury of telling Nigerians how badly managed this ministry or that ministry has become.

BabaGoSlow as some Nigerians have labelled Buhari, figured that he must put square pegs in square holes and he also wants to know if his ministers are delivering in the capacity he wants them to, so no one can come up with excuses for not performing.

For this reason, his ministers must be weary of him. He now has a clear picture of what exist, what is obtainable and what should be done.

If anyone appointed minister leaps for joy that they are set to become multi-billionaires then they should think again.

Given his military background, one would expect Buhari to have ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ in every ministry that will give him feedback on the activities of his ministers.

Any minister that does not perform to expectation should ready for the boot. This is a time to serve Nigeria and Nigerians unlike what was obtainable in the past.

The Fasholas, Amaechis, Fayemis that were once favourite for the SGF, Chief of Staff, etc positions were ditched and same would most likely happen when he does name his ministers.

Performance is key now and only those that perform will be rewarded.

Nigerians are watching and they would not hesitate to hound anyone who chooses to victimize others.
For this reason, ministers must be careful, for now is time to work.

In the past, civil servants were the brain behind corruption. They drew the roadmap for the ministers and told them how and where to put tax payers money for their own good but even them have been told to either shun corruption or leave service by the ‘Boss’.

The Permanent Secretary in the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Alhaji Muhammed Bukar, said President Buhari has given a warning a to all civil servants. “We have received a mandate to work harder. He has given us a very strong warning that change has come and every public servant has to sit up. We will give our best to support the government.”
Nigerians are watching because they are no longer the prey but the predator.

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