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Saturday, February 14

Wearing Midriff Clothes Will Make Me Look Stupid At My Age Says Essence

Singer Essence in an interview with Punch has revealed that she can never wear midriff clothes because she is over 30. According to her, there are some certain clothes you don't just wear at a certain age.
Midriff clothes are in vogue, would it be a bad idea if you show a bit of skin?
Why would I wear such? At my age?
But everybody is wearing it no matter the age…
You will look stupid wearing such when you have grown past the age. If you read top style magazines, you would be told how to wear certain things at certain age. There are clothes you wear when you are in your 20's, 30's, 40's and certainly, there are some you also wear in your 50's and 60's and so on. So why would somebody who is above 30 wear midriff when they are not exercising? I agree there are some that would show just a bit of flesh. It is okay. But the one I don't like is what you wear when you don't have six packs. I cannot start baring my midriff now, no way.

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