Friday, February 27

'How Singer Skales Stole Song From Upcoming Artist, Dynamyt'

I heard this story from at least five different prominent individuals in the music industry.  I work as PR for various record labels including EME and 960 Music (please don't add that). There has been a controversy/gist building up in the music industry and I think the public deserves to know this story.

I know this story is true because sources close to the promoters of Industry Nite and a very prominent producer, have been repeating this story since the beginning of the year.  I actually started getting a hint first, when I was going through some comments about "a certain artists new song", signalling that the song, in question, may have been stolen from an upcoming artist. The artist in question, Skales released a song called "JE KAN MO" in January 2015, however there was another artist called Dynamyt, who had released "JEKOMO", in December 2014 before Skales released his.

The worst part of this story is, apparently, Skales had visited Dynamyt's studio, made inquiries about the song, said he loved the song, gave with suggestions on how they could make the song better. However one month later, he did a 360 and released his own version "with his suggestions". On the day, Skales dropped his version, Dynamyt tweeted he had dropped promotion plans and video shoot for the song and cursed Skales out before deleting the tweets some minutes later.

However, the Skales and Wizkid's twitter fight opened up old wounds (where Skales claimed he wrote "Azonto"), and Dynamyt tweeted: " When you see skales fighting with wizkid over the theft of azonto and he stole "Jekomo" from me....#SMH".

BTW, I am telling this story because I have hated working with him since EME. He thinks he is the shit since he left EME and he is always fucking with people especially Wizzy. I'm with Wizkid on this; Skales is a fraud! This is what I have been able to gather so far from people close to all parties involved. His kind of dishonesty should not be happening in this industry, people should not be able to lie or steal their way to the top. I just wish Skales could answer this and come clean (instead of going at Wizzy) and he should apologize to Dynamyt (a fantastic artist whose song and idea he stole to record his own). My final advice to Skales is to be more original, don't try to form something your not. Nobody knows how this will end.

Written by Tinu Omolodun

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